Today we will tackle all the best monsters to kill to earn an insane amount of Gold per hour. Not only will we cover the massive amount of HP that you are going to make, but also the ease with which you can kill these monsters. If you struggle with gaining GP, you can buy RuneScape 3 Gold from GamerTotal.

These monsters have been chosen as the easiest in the game, so you do not need a lot of requirements to fight them. Some may require a slayer, but a lot of them don’t. So, if you are interested in making money while having fun, read further!

Lava Strykewyrm

Lava Strykewyrms have always been a classic go-to and for a good reason. Lava Strykewyrms are found in the Wilderness, which, after the same recent updates, has become much safer from the prowling attacks of other players, making it way less dangerous. This means that you can now bring your better gear. Previously, most of us refrained from doing that as if we got killed, that would not have been pleasant. Bringing better gear means you can now kill them faster too.

The downside to them is that you do need a level 95 slayer, but that is not a complex skill to level. Since they are in the Wilderness, you also have to keep an eye out for the random group of mobs that spawn there. The chief reason you want to kill Lava Strykewyrms is for the ashes they drop. These ashes are precious as they are now going for over 45 thousand GP each! Giving you around 7 million Gold an hour in profit at the absolute least. You also want to pick up other things that the Lava Strykewyrm, such as salvage drop. It is also worth noting that having a pet can help as they pick up the ashes for you, causing money-making to happen even faster.

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These are, of course, found in the Revenant’s cave. The great thing about these is they have a very high chance of dropping high-value items. They frequently drop items such as Statius’s Hammer, which is worth 130 million Gold Pieces at the time of writing this. Killing these monsters in Legacy mode seems to be the fastest way, as it only takes about two hits to down them.

Again, since the Wilderness is now safer, you can hop into your best gear and kill some revenants – which are very easy to kill; by the way, even bots kill them from time to time. The only danger with this method is that as your threat level increases, trash mobs can again spawn and jump on top of you. However, they are easy to take care of; walk away and wait for them to despawn. Revenants are a great option if you want to relax – get away from the grind and make some money. Everyone should try them.

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Frost Dragons

Frost Dragons are very similar to the Lava Strykewyrms because they have always been known to be fantastic money-makers. They are great money makers because their bones are worth a lot of Gold, just like the Lava Strykewyrm’s ashes. They also drop other items which are helpful such as some extra cash. Sometimes, you might even get lucky and loot, such as visage. The downside to this method is that you will need level 85 dungeoneering, but that is all!

You will need super-antifire to kill these dragons; this is excellent news as it is now tradeable on the grand exchange! So you can go ahead and buy them. You will also want to bring magic note paper and note the bones as you go around. There is a special attack that they do; however, this is where they summon a blue orb above their heads. This causes any damage you do to them to be reflected in you, so you must watch out for that. At relative ease and 10 million GP an hour, Frost Dragons are a solid money-making monster to fight.

Closing off

Thank you for reading this guide! We hope it has helped you on your RuneScaping journey. You are speeding up your progress and money-making a bit more. These monsters are what I have found to be the best, but make sure to always play around yourself and see which you prefer. You can find information here if you want to learn more about all the monsters in the game. Happy gaming!

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