When it comes to mobile phones, there seems to be no in-between when it comes to the operating system. You either love androids, or you hate them, and the same thing goes for Apple.

Switching from one to the other can be an intense jump. For people who have only functioned with one operating system since the beginning, the transition can be uncomfortable and even difficult.

Not to mention not everyone is tech savvy enough to switch from one operating system to another. This can be especially true for people who are over the age of 80, and didn’t grow up with cellphones at all.

For many, learning to use a mobile phone in the first place was a challenge, so making the switch to an entirely new kind can be even more difficult. You’ll find that some things are similar, whereas other functions are entirely foreign and can be difficult to catch onto when making the transition. To help you rise to the challenge, here are some of the best tips for comfortably making the switch from Android to iOS.

Know The Similarities

The best way to make a smooth transition is to know your similarities and differences upfront. While there may be many things that are different about Apple, there are some things that you will find comfortably familiar. For example, the ability to customize your widgets on the home screen.

Much like your old Android device, iOS now permits you to personalize the layout of your welcome screen, by choosing only the apps that you use the most often to appear. This makes it much easier to find what you need quickly rather than having to score through potentially hundreds of apps. Besides the customization of your widgets, there are other similarities that you will find reassuringly familiar that are worth learning about.

Master The Keyboard

If there’s one thing that will take getting used to on your new phone, it’s the layout of the keyboard. There are many different shortcuts and features which you should get to know in order to make the most out of your new phone. For many iPhone users, social media and text messaging are one of the most important things they’ll need their phone for, so being as familiar as possible with how the keyboard works will help you with a much smoother messaging experience.

Anticipate A Different Unlocking Experience

One of the most challenging differences for new iPhone users to adjust to is a different way that you unlock your phone screen. Making the change from fingerprint to face ID will take some getting used to, especially because face recognition can be buggy on the iPhone.

If you’re looking at your phone from a different angle or wearing sunglasses, you may not be able to open your phone as quickly as you would like.So whenn setting up your face scan, make sure that you take it from as many angles as possible, looking as close as possible to your everyday look. That will help the face scan be much more accurate and facilitate quickly opening your phone when you need it.