I’ve been playing and watching other people play Dark Souls 3 recently and one thing that has come to my attention is the amount of dashing in this game. You see, I thought the speed was quite good in Dark Souls 2, but after spending some time with Dark Souls 3 I think it’s better than ever before. It may seem like there’s still a lack of speed, but it actually makes sense when you realize that the protagonist is walking around in heavy armor.

But why is dashing even necessary? Well, if you want to be able to dodge attacks easily and without taking too much damage then it’s very important to master this skill early on in the game. Never underestimate the power of the roll.

The First thing you need to know is that dashing in Dark Souls 3 is quite different from how it was in its predecessor. For example, if you dash while on the attack then instead of canceling your attack right away, you’ll continue it with even more vigor than before!

How to dash dark souls 3

To dash, you first need to make sure there’s a roll/sidestep option available. To do this, hold the right analog stick in one direction for approximately 1 second. Then press forward on the control stick within that same time frame. This will change your equipped weapon without needing to go into menus first.

If you want to stop dashing, press the jump button. This will cause your character to stop immediately and perform an attack or guard.

If you want to taunt someone while dashing, then there’s two ways of doing this:

1) Keep holding the left analog stick in one direction for about 2 seconds (this can be done without canceling your dash).

2) Press the left analog stick in a direction and then press X in quick succession.

The second method is a lot more effective, but both will do the job just fine.

You can also cancel your dash by going into menus or simply re-pressing forward on the control stick. Just keep in mind that sometimes canceling your dash can get you killed, so it’s good to be careful doing this.

You will automatically use stamina when performing a dash. This means that you’ll have to keep an eye on your Stamina Bar at all times. Luckily, even if you end up running out of stamina while dashing the results won’t be too severe.

Dark Souls 3 dash speed

So how fast can you actually go while dashing? Well, the maximum speed of your character depends entirely on what armor they’re wearing. The more heavy and clunky the armor is, the slower you’ll be able to go.

Heavy Armor: Knight Set

You can go as fast as 7.5 meters per second (which is around 19mph or 30kph). This speed isn’t too high, but it’s enough to dodge most attacks as long as they’re not projectiles.

Light Armor

The light armor set is the best option you can choose if you want to go as fast as possible. You can reach up to 10 meters per second (about 25mph or 40kph). This allows you to dodge most attacks without too much trouble, but sometimes projectiles will still catch up with you depending on how far they’ve traveled.

This is where the Ring of Fog comes into play. With this ring equipped you’ll be able to dodge most projectiles and attacks because your opponent won’t be able to see you until you’re right in front of them (which doesn’t happen too often).


I hope this article has taught you a thing or two about how dashing works in Dark Souls 3. While it may seem like a small and insignificant action, its importance can’t be stressed enough. Never underestimate the power of roll/dashing in general!

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