As an assassin, you have many tools at your disposal. But becoming a master assassin requires more than just using the right weapons and gadgets. It takes planning, strategy, and quick thinking to take down your targets without getting caught.

Here are some tips to help you become a master assassin:

1. Plan your attacks.

Assassinations are not spur-of-the-moment events. You need to carefully plan each step of your attack, from choosing the right target to making your escape. Plan your route in advance, and choose your weapons and gadgets based on the situation.

2. Be strategic.

Killing your target is only half the battle. You also need to be strategic in how you approach and escape from the scene of the crime. Choose your targets wisely, and strike when they are alone and vulnerable. Make sure you have a clear escape route planned before you make your move.

3. Be quick thinking.

Things can go wrong quickly when you’re an assassin. Be prepared for anything, and be ready to think on your feet. If something goes wrong, don’t hesitate to improvise.

4. Be stealthy.

The best assassins are the ones who can move through the shadows without being seen. Stay out of sight as much as possible, and use your environment to your advantage. If you’re spotted, be prepared to fight or flee.

5. Be prepared.

Assassinations are not easy. They require dedication, planning, and precision. Make sure you are fully prepared before you attempt one. Train yourself physically and mentally, and practice your skills as much as possible.

how to shoot in assassin’s creed 3 pc

1. Right-click on the game shortcut and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

2. In the Target line, add “–uplay_launch_mode 0” at the end (without quotation marks). It should look like this: “…Assassin’sCreedIII.exe” –uplay_launch_mode 0

3. Click “OK” to save the changes and launch the game.

4. When you get to the main menu, open the graphics settings menu and change the resolution to your native one.

5. Exit the game and re-launch it without the “–uplay_launch_mode 0” parameter. You can now adjust other graphics settings as you see fit.

How to assassinate your targets

1. When you have line of sight on your target, hold down the left mouse button to enter Assassination Mode.

2. Move the cursor over your target and release the left mouse button to assassinate them.

3. If your target is moving, you can lead your attack by holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor in front of them. Release the button when the cursor is over your target to assassinate them.

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