Task automation is no new trend, and it’s becoming more prevalent in everyday life. Automating repetitive and simple tasks leaves the user free to tend to more complex tasks. So instead of wasting valuable time on these repetitive tasks, automation frees up your time so that you can spend it on more worthwhile endeavors. When it comes to automation bots, there is a lot to know about using these tools.

In this article, we’ll be looking at automation bots, their uses, and the different kinds, such as vote bots, chatbots, and more. If you’re curious, check out this article dedicated to voting bots.

What is an Automation Bot?

A bot is an automation program that’s been set to run certain tasks without human interference. This is ideal for automating certain repetitive or simple tasks. Depending on the type of bot being used, they’ll have a set of specific instructions that they will complete. They can also replicate certain human behaviors, making them ideal for running repetitive tasks. Since they are computer programs, they can also complete these set tasks much faster than humans could as robots don’t take breaks or get distracted.

What are Automation Bots Used For?

As mentioned, automation bots are used to complete certain simple tasks. These tasks are usually simple and straightforward. Automation bots can be used in the customer service sector. The bot can handle simple website questions and concerns by programming them with a set number of responses, leaving your support team to deal with the more complex issues. Automation bots can also be used to collect specific information across the internet and return the data to you so that it can be analyzed. Automation bots can even complete certain purchases, such as buying tickets or a new pair of sneakers.

Unfortunately, bots can also be used in negative ways to spread malware or launch DDoS attacks. However, it’s important to note that bots, in essence, aren’t bad; it’s what a user uses them for that will determine if they are good or bad.

The Different Kinds of Automation Bots

There are many different bots as they all automate various tasks. The type of automation bot you choose will depend on the functions you want to automate. For example, a social media bot won’t be helpful if you need to collect information from the internet. Likewise, a vote bot won’t be particularly helpful for search engines to analyze and rank content. Let’s take a look at a few different types of automation bots.


Chatbots are programs that have been created to simulate conversations with human beings. These types of bots are especially useful in customer service. The bot can be programmed with certain responses, answers, and questions that they can use when conversing with a human. Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri are examples of chatbots.

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Social Bots

These bots are sometimes referred to as social media bots. They can be used to interact, respond and influence discussions on various social media platforms. This can be a useful way to boost your social media platforms’ engagement while the profile is still new. Having bots interact with your content will appear more sought after, and the platform will show it to more people. Once your account has gained enough traction, you can stop using the bot and continue growing organically.


Shop bots can be used to automate the shopping process, from searching the web for the best deals to buying the products requested from specific sites. Sneaker bots are examples of specialized shopbots that are used to buy sought-after sneakers that sell out quickly. Since the bots work much faster, they have a bigger chance of success in these cases.

Spiders and Crawlers

These automation bots are critical in how we use the internet. They crawl, download, and index web pages for search results. These powerful bots determine where in the search rankings your content will appear. Without them, content would not get to the end-user.

Web Scrapers

These work in a similar way as web crawlers. However, instead of indexing the information, they collect it and return it to the user in a single format, such as a spreadsheet. These scrapers can be used for market research, monitoring competitors, pricing intelligence, monitoring brand awareness, consumer sentiment, and much more.

Monitoring Bots

These bots are mentioned as often as some of the bots included in this list, but they still fulfill an important task. For example, monitoring bots are used to check the health of a website.

Transactional Bots

Transactional bots are used to automate specific tasks over the phone. Where a human would’ve performed these tasks, these bots can now step in and simplify the process. These would usually be used when the call requires specific information that can be programmed into the bot. It’s also best used in calls where you know what the process would be, such as reporting a credit card as stolen or checking the operating hours of various businesses.

Vote Bots

Vote bots are very useful when running polls or online competitions. These bots can be used to interact with these competitions and place their votes multiple times. While it’s not advised to use bots to cheat by voting in competitions or lotteries multiple times, it can be useful to gain traction in your poll or competition to be shown to more people and increase the number of likes and shares you’d get otherwise.

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Final Thoughts

Automation bots can be helpful tools for completing repetitive and simple tasks such as collecting information, indexing website content, and even making simple purchases. They were developed to be useful programs. However, they can be used in negative ways. Therefore we recommend that users only use bots the way they were intended – to simplify tasks.

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