When you start playing Ark, you enter an online world filled with all sorts of players. Many people play solo or team up with their friends to accomplish goals faster. While many enjoy the social aspect of Ark, others despise it because they either don’t know anyone or simply can’t be bothered to interact with other players. While some do not feel that playing with others is beneficial or to their liking, we will be going over the benefits of playing with friends and how it can open up a whole new experience for you.

Another benefit of playing with friends is that they can watch your back while exploring new areas. If they are in the same tribe as you, when you die, they cannot totally hate you because when you respawn, they can easily revive you. This will prevent them from hating each other due to dying unnecessarily or getting left behind accidentally.

How to play with friends on ark

Another benefit of playing with friends is that they can give you free items or a lot of food. Most new players have a hard time finding enough to eat and having an extra mouth to feed may just save them from starving. This also works well if you are trading because you will need another person’s help to carry the additional weight. If you are attacked by a mob of dinosaurs, your friend can help you out and fight with you to ensure victory. This also allows for boss fights and raids to become easier and more efficient because more hands make lighter work.

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Another benefit that playing with friends provides is that they can provide valuable information about the server, land location and bosses. They can tell you where all the hot springs are so you don’t have to waste your time wandering around looking for hidden areas. They can also let you know of new bosses that may not be on your map and share valuable information about habitats and how to access them.

Since playing with friends has a lot of benefits, you should try it out and experience the differences for yourself. It is also a good idea to make a tribe with friends because they become much more valuable as time goes on. Hosting events can be easier when there are multiple people around who will either help or enjoy the event as well.

Making friends on ark

Don’t be afraid to talk to people, say hi and make new friends. Once you make friends, it is much easier for them to help you because they can see that you are a new player and really need some help. If a friend sees a post about needing help in the tribe chat, they will likely respond and offer assistance. This is a huge benefit in group play because there are a lot of people who love to help out new players when they need it most.

Don’t be the player that just sits in your base all day because you don’t have anyone to talk to. Reach out and try to find friends so you can enjoy the game to its fullest. If you don’t want to make friends with other players, at least join or make a tribe so you can team up with others who do the same things as you. This will give you teammates when you need them most and allow for boss fights and raids to be much easier. PVP is not recommended because it will likely result in a tribe war, which you do not want.

Friends can give you advice on how to improve your gameplay

They can tell you how to level up faster, where to find certain crafting materials and show you anything that they may have discovered on the island. Having friends will make your time playing much more efficient because of their knowledge about the game. Even if you are good at the game, some parts are better learned through experience, which is what friends are for.


Friends will make your time playing Ark much more efficient as well as enjoyable. If you have any questions about playing with friends, leave a comment below and we can help you out! Thanks for reading this article and have a great day!

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