Want to play CSGO Crash? Then you need a good strategy to maximize your profits. Here we’ll discuss the methods that work and bank, which you can use today to collect your first winnings on Crash.

Dive Into The Stats of CS:GO Crash

If you check other guides, you’ll find that they recommended the same old strategies: Martingale, Anti-Martingale, Fibonacci, etc. They work for other games like Roulette or classic casino games, but when it comes to Crash, they fall short by a lot.

We’re talking about a different kind of beast, and hence, we need to check the stats. We need data, and that’s exactly what we got.

After analyzing 1,000,000 rounds of CSGO Crash, we found the following evidence:

  • More than 50% of the crashes happen between 1.00x and 2.00x
  • The longest streak of consecutive crashes below 2.00x was 19 rounds

Only this is more than enough to make our own conclusions and create a working strategy. Based on this, we can create the following rule: Only make a bet once you’ve spotted a consecutive result under 2.00x.

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For example, if you’re playing CSGO Crash and you’ve noticed that there’s a consecutive result under 2.00x, then you can start placing your bets, and chances are you will win with a multiplicator over 2.00x. If you want to keep it conservative, you could place a bet just over 2.00x, for example, exit at a multiplicator of 2.05x.

Safest CSGO Crash Strategy

Now that you know all about the stats and odds of CS:GO Crash, it’s time to pack it all together in a simple and effective strategy you can start using today.

Wait for a consecutive result below 2.00x

As we said, this is what you need to wait for. We know that it will be a long and boring process, but it’s the only way to play CSGO Crash in the safe and profitable way. You need to scan the latest results in order to find this golden sequence.

Set up your exit multiplicator

Once you’ve identified the sequence, it’s time to place your bet – quickly! Beforehand, select your exit multiplicator so you can automatically exit the game once you hit it. If you want to be conservative, you could place it at 2.05x, 2.10x, or even 2.20x. If you want to chase a higher ROI, go over 2.50x.

However, remember that these sequences won’t come by frequently, so it’s better to keep your multiplicator lower so you can really take advantage of it.

Don’t rush

It’s easy to let the emotions get into your gambling sessions, especially with a game like Crash. Since you have to wait a while for the sequence to pop up, it could lead you to rush and bet before the ideal time. Control your emotions, and keep a firm mindset, and you’ll be able to turn CSGO Crash into a profitable game.

Other Strategies for CSGO Crash

If you still want to try the classic strategies on CSGO crash, here you have the details. Nonetheless, we’d like to recommend you stick to our top strategy because it’s based on real data, and hence, it will allow you to maximize the profits of the game.

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You could opt for a Martingale, where you keep increasing your bet size by 2x anytime you lose, and if you win, then you come back to the original bet size. This is a risky strategy for Crash since you can easily lose it all, especially if you don’t wait for the consecutive result below 2.00x to appear.

If you want to use the Martingale, then at least wait for the consecutive result to appear. Then, just place an initial bet, and if you don’t win, then keep doubling down on it until you win. If you use this approach, then keep your target multiplicator low.

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