This is a simple tutorial on how to create minecart tracks in Minecraft. Once you have made the track, it will be easier to travel around your world with this new ability.

Minecraft How to Craft Rails

Rails are needed to make minecart tracks. To craft rails you need 4 iron ingots and 1 stick in a crafting table.

First make three iron ingots into one stick. Then place the stick horizontally on top of a square of flat dirt. Place two more iron ingots on top of the stick in any direction. This will create a rail.

How to Make Minecart Tracks

Repeat the process above to create as many rails as you want to create your track with. To make the track, lay down the rails in a simple path. To make it complicated you can twist and turn it around or even put some loops into your track. Once you have finished making your minecart tracks, get yourself an iron ingot (or use one of your rails) to craft a minecart with. On the Crafting Table place the normal minecart in the center space and surround it with eight iron ingots in a plus shape.

Minecarts are used to travel along the track you have created, whether it be for work or to play. Put something inside of your cart to move it when you are on the rail. To start riding, jump into the minecart by pressing use on it.

How to Make a Monster Minecart Track

Monster minecarts are faster than regular minecarts and they also make horrible noises when grabbed or touched by a player (sometimes called ‘jump creeper’). The speed of miningcarts is increased by the game mode. Usually miningcarts are faster than players on normal difficulty, but can be beaten in expert mode.

How to Make Minecart Tracks Go Uphill or Downhill

To make your track go uphill you need to place powered rails every 2 blocks of the falling direction (so if you want your minecart to go down, place powered rails on the top of every block).

To make your track go downhill (or anywhere for that matter), place a detector rail on top of one powered rail and then place normal rails on top of it.

How to Make Minecart Tracks Curved

First, place a powered rail on one side of the curve in the direction you want your minecart to go. Place normal rails on top of it, then place another powered rail in front of the other one. Place normal rails on top of that one too. Then put detector rails above all three powered ones and then just continue to build your track!

How to Make Minecart Tracks Sloped

To make a slanted minecart track, place the first rail at the level you want it to be. Then put another one after every chunk of the direction you want with your cart to go. This makes it easier to travel around your world!

How to Get Creative in Designing Your Track

There are many different designs of tracks, so get creative! Here are some examples:

  • T-Junction

Just place detector rails on top of powered rails on each side. Make sure to have normal rails between them too.

  • Double Junction/Crossing

Place normal rail in the middle and then just put powered or detector rail on all 4 corners! T-Junction, with 2 Powered Rails

This is the same as a T-Junction but with two powered rails in the direction of your choice. This will make your minecart go incredibly fast!

Just place detector rails on top of powered rails on each side. Make sure to have normal rails between them too.

How to Enter Minecart Tracks with Players

To enter a minecart track, you must right click on it with your minecart. You will automatically sit in the minecart and be propelled forward! Tips/Cautions:

Don’t worry about offroad terrain, tunnels or pits – your minecarts will go over/through anything! Make sure that the cart doesn’t hit a pressure plate or it will stop. In fact, make sure you don’t go into any dangerous spots so your minecart can stay safe and sound! If you fall off while in your minecart, press F to get back on track. Press E to switch between driving and riding in your minecart. Press M to see your map which shows where you are on your current track. There are so many uses for tracks, so be creative when designing them!

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