Gaming is one of the most popular activities on both PCs and mobile devices these days, and it is taking over the world, especially among gamers. However, gamers are also facing performance issues, since most modern PC games are becoming more and more demanding.

Windows is one of the most powerful operating systems on the market. However, with all this power comes a tradeoff in performance, and many users don’t know how to optimize their Windows systems. This is especially true for users on laptops, since Games and other Apps tend to eat up the system resources, resulting in lower performances.

Every gamer knows that PC gaming can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of free tools out there that can help you game your PC to its full potential. One of the most useful tools is called TweakUI, which is available for free. TweakUI is an extremely useful utility that allows you to tweak Windows to give you everything you need to game the way you want.

In today’s world, computer games are one of the most popular and enjoyable pastimes. Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems, and Windows 11 will soon take its position. However, some people say that games on Windows 10 are sometimes sluggish and want to know how to make them run faster. Continue reading to find out How to Optimize Windows for Games and Applications.

In general, the game’s performance has a direct effect on the graphics card, CPU, hard drive, network, and other components of your system, implying that a large part of the game’s smoothness and optimization is due to the physical power of your system. However, by making these little changes, you may improve the performance of your games and system.

Steps to Make Windows More Game-Friendly and App-Friendly

  1. Visual Effects in Windows are disabled.
  2. Switch to Game Mode.
  3. Drivers for your graphics card need be updated.
  4. Turn on Focus Assist.
  5. Current services should be disabled in the background.
  6. Set the Graphics Card’s Preferences

1. Turn off the visual effects in Windows.

Frame drop (FPS) in high-end games is caused by Windows interface animations, which may slow down your computer’s performance. Because these visual enhancements may eat up your graphics card’s and RAM’s resources. The aesthetic options in Windows 10 are set to “best performance” by default, but turning them off improves system speed.

To make changes, open the run dialog box and type sysdm.cpl, then hit enter. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the performance settings once the system properties are open. A new window will appear, allowing you to customize the performance parameters as desired. Instead of letting Windows decide what is best for you, the best performance is chosen by default in Windows 10. So, modify it to your liking.


System Performance Should Be Adjusted

2. Select Game Mode from the drop-down menu.

Enabling “Game mode” in Windows is perhaps the simplest and most apparent method to improve your computer’s performance. This option helps you improve your game’s FPS by turning off background activities like Windows updates and application alerts. This option is enabled by default, but it’s never a bad idea to double-check.

Open Windows Settings, go to the game category, choose Game mode, and check its state.


Activate Game Mode

3. Make sure your graphics card driver is up to current.

The GPU is at the heart of your computer’s gaming experience, and it needs the most recent Windows driver and graphics card to operate quicker and provide a better gaming experience. Furthermore, an out-of-date driver may create software issues and game frame drops.

As a result, you may upgrade your GPU driver to enhance game performance. Updating GPU drivers may occasionally fix problems like crashes, freezes, and other difficulties with gaming frames, reaction times, and other things. You should, however, make sure that your GPU drivers’ update mode is set to automatic.

To get your graphics card driver, go to Google and type in the model of your graphics card followed by the phrase Download driver. Then attempt to download the driver from your graphics card manufacturer’s website. If your graphics card driver has already been installed, you may update it by using a specialized graphics card program installed on your PC.

4. Turn on Focus Assist.

Notifications and alerts from Windows may disrupt your game, which is where the Focus Assist function comes in useful. In Windows, Focus Assist allows you to customize how and when you get alerts. So, enter the settings and go to System -> Focus Assist to prevent irritating notifications and pop-ups while playing. To conceal all unneeded windows, choose “Alarms Only.” If you don’t want any alerts to appear, turn this option off.

You may also access the notification center and activate the focus assist by pressing Windows + A.

Optimize Windows for games and Applications

Turn on Focus Assist.

5. Turn off any running services in the background.

First and foremost, you should be aware that this option is only accessible in Windows Settings in Windows 10, since this function is not available in Windows 11.

You can halt the execution of certain background applications, including some Windows services. Background services often use extra system resources, obstructing your main tasks, including gaming.

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Background Apps to turn off background services. To prohibit programs from consuming system resources in the background, switch off the “Let apps run in the background” button in the right pane. If you wish to keep any of these applications or services running, you may do so by turning on the Allow apps to run in the background option first.

6. Customize the Graphics Card’s Options

Graphics drivers from Nvidia and AMD each have their own control panels where you may adjust the graphics settings. You must enter the settings menu and adjust options such as Maximum Pre-Renderered Frames, Threaded Optimization, Vertical Sync, and other options that you believe are appropriate for your games.


These are the techniques that I’ve found to be useful for improving gaming performance on Windows. I hope you found this article useful, and please share your views on How to Optimize Windows for Games and Applications.


In Windows 10, Microsoft has implemented a new gaming mode that lets you enable Game Mode to improve performance for games and games-intensive applications. We may also see the introduction of a new gaming mode in the upcoming Creators Update, which will give users a lot more control over how their PCs handle games.. Read more about game settings optimizer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize my PC for gaming 2021?

You can use a program like MSI Afterburner to optimize your PC for gaming.

How do I make my PC run games better?

There are many ways to make your PC run games better. Some of these include using a graphics card, upgrading your RAM, and installing an SSD.

How do I make my games High Performance Windows 10?

To make your games run faster on Windows 10, you can use the Game Mode option in the Task Manager.

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