Text and images are not enough to present your app videos – you need the right video-making skills to highlight your mobile games and lure the relevant audience.

Trying to promote your mobile games on Android and iOS apps and still trying on images and text? You can promote any games or apps while optimizing the windows.

You need promotional videos to highlight your mobile game to help users know the attractive elements of your game. Along with displaying your mobile game’s name and description, promo videos help people understand what the game means. Visual representation of the game using images is not as effective as promotional videos, as a video speaks over a thousand images.

Videos help people see the gameplay and get a feel for the main mechanics, objectives, story, etc. It’s hard to capture all this in a few images. Use a sophisticated video editor with extensive promo video templates to create an enticing promotional video that can convert users instantly.

Why Create Promotional Videos for Mobile Games

If you’re still not sure if your mobile game needs an app promo video, check out these benefits:

A Great Way to Showcase Your Mobile Game

More than 50% of top mobile games have promotional videos. A good promotional video gives potential players all the information they need and presents the mission, objective, and game designs to gamers. App promo videos enhance conversions and can drive users to download your game. Great videos can increase conversions by 40% and attract quality users.

Ensures Better Engagement After Installation

Imagine someone downloaded a game after looking at an image. Now after starting the game, he had no clue how to move on to the next level or step. So out of lost interest, he will uninstall the game, as he did not get the right visual information about how he can operate the game.

Here videos come as a savior. An app promo video attracts quality users because it explains the game’s main features before users download it.

Users will participate in the game after understanding the contents and getting more familiar with game mechanics. Additionally, they form a connection to the game and choose to spend money on in-app purchases.

Starting with the Process

Here’s a quick guide outlining the basic process of creating a promotional video:

Do Your Market Research Well

Market and competition research are a great place to start. You must:

  • Conduct in-depth research of the market focusing on specific genres and identify creative trends
  • Analyze your competitors to find out what works and what doesn’t
  • Use techniques like a poll or a survey to comprehend the needs of the mobile game market, specifically the specific genre the game belongs to. Identifying competitive research and creative trends considering the chosen CTAs, hooks, visual style, and music.
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Do Your Audience Research Well

To create a successful promotional video for your app, you also need to know what kind of gamers you want to attract. This varies greatly depending on the type of game you are using. In addition, you must understand the age, gender, location, interests, and behavior of your users. This allows you to know exactly who your target audience is so you can make more informed decisions when creating promotional videos.

Use the Right Video Scripting and Storyboarding

Don’t create a sales video; instead, create a story and a script. Plan your video scene by scene, including the right audio, and consider the number of seconds you want to allocate to each scene. Remember, people immediately connect with a video that has a storyline. Start with an impressive intro and outro, and explain the most attractive highlights of your mobile game in your promo video.

Use the Right tool

You need an effective and professional promo video maker that can help you make fantastic captures and video strings to advertise and market your mobile games brilliantly. Settle for the one that has an extensive library of templates, music, and editing tools that can create an exceptional clip as a promo video for your audience.

Tips for a Successful Mobile Game App Promo Video

Here are some key tips and an easy guide that will help you in creating exceptional promo videos for your mobile games:

Be Honest

Creating promo videos is not only about recording a script and using trending effects but should be an honest representation of what your mobile game is all about. You want your game to look its best but overdoing it can do the opposite.

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Use impressive graphics and visual effects but don’t go overboard and display something that your game doesn’t even have. If users download your game and don’t find the elements that you have promoted in your videos, they will get bored, feel cheated, and immediately uninstall your game. This leads to lower user engagement and retention.

Be Consistent

Follow the same visual style of your game and consistently use the same theme, logo, sound, and other non-game assets as given in your real game.

Showcase Game Features and Benefits

Your app’s promo video should focus on the game’s key features and benefits to captivate people and explain why this is a specific mobile game. Include the USPs of the game, explaining to your audience what makes your game better than the others in this genre.

Create the Right First Impression

Grab the viewer’s attention at the beginning of the video. Introduce yourself in a video, talk about your goals, explain your intent behind curating the game, and briefly explain what your game theme is all about. Remember that the first few seconds have a big impact on how your audience perceives you and your game. An outstanding intro can help your video stand out from the competition and set the tone, anticipation, and even personality for the rest of your video.

Show Without Saying Much

Skip long stories and make it easier for people to understand what your app is all about. Reduce the text and content, and concentrate on the visuals of the game – that is why the people are here.

Use the Right Persuasion Techniques

All promotional videos should have an interesting angle to keep users watching and eventually downloading your game. Use authority, favorability, and social proof, and explain what’s in it for them.

Insert a Call to Action (CTA)

Use an effective CTA like “Play Now,” “Download,” and “Install Game” to match the action you want the user to take, i.e., install and play the game.

Promote Your Videos

Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools for promoting your app and increasing downloads. Engage the masses by associating your promos on social media handles, advertisements, blogging sites, emails, and even on your website.


You need to comply with Android and App store guidelines concerning the size, length, design, and other requirements for promo videos.

Choose a Suitable Video Length

The length of the video mainly depends on the app you are curating it for. Google allows you to make your app’s promotional videos longer, but long videos have a hard time engaging viewers. Create a promo video that is between 30-40 seconds to get viewers to download your mobile game.

Turn Off Monetization

A final tip is to disable monetization. You wouldn’t want another game’s ad to appear in your App Store promotion. It also violates the App Store policy. Video advertising apps are meant to increase user conversions and downloads. So, follow all rules and regulations to get your promo video to the right audience.


It is not very difficult to create the perfect app promo video for your mobile games if you follow the right technique and tips. For best results, you must use the right tools, the best tool, and the perfect video editing tips for creating promotional videos for your apps. Bring in an element of surprise, delight, and attractiveness in your promo videos for your viewers through your promo videos and see the number of downloads climbing.