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“there was a problem with the server 400 youtube music” is a message that you might see when trying to watch YouTube videos. The “Ultimate Guide To Solve It (2021)” will help you fix this issue.

Do you wish to view your favorite videos without interruption but continually getting an error 400 from YouTube? This post will show you how to fix it on an Android device, a PC, or a smart TV.

For many individuals, YouTube is an indispensable tool. YouTube offers it all, whether you’re looking for how-to videos, the newest music videos from your favorite artists, or the latest episodes of a TV program you’ve missed. But what if YouTube refuses to load and you keep receiving error messages? This is where this article comes in.

Error 400 on YouTube is a tough issue to deal with. YouTube’s error notice appears when you attempt to view videos on your phone, PC, or smart TV, and it disables you from watching any videos. It may be a very aggravating situation that makes you feel helpless. Fortunately, this post will show you how to resolve YouTube problem 400 on Android, PC, and Smart TV.

What is Error 400 on YouTube?

The phrase “YouTube error 400” is used to denote a variety of issues that might occur on the site. It might be anything from a shortage of storage space to connectivity issues. Some people claim that it’s because a certain video isn’t accessible for them, but the majority claim that they just receive an error message with no explanation as to why they can’t view films on YouTube.

You’ll need to go into the YouTube system settings and make some tweaks to remedy this issue and stop receiving this unpleasant error every time you attempt to view a video. This may be done on a computer, an Android device, or a smart TV.

How to Fix Error 400 on YouTube on an Android or iOS Phone

These are some of the solutions you may use to fix YouTube Error 400 on your Android or iOS device. It’s usually a YouTube server problem that can be easily repaired with a few easy steps.

1. Verify Your Internet Connection

The first step in resolving the YouTube error 400 on your smartphone is to ensure that your internet connection is working properly. If you’re experiencing trouble but others aren’t, it’s possible that your phone is being affected by a particular network or device.

Internet faster

By visiting a different website, you may determine if your internet is functioning properly or whether anything else is causing the issue. If you are unable to view any other websites, there may be a problem with your network provider that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, keep reading for some probable YouTube error 400 on Android solutions.

2. Increase or decrease video quality

If you’re still seeing a YouTube error 400 despite the fact that your internet connection is perfect and nothing is wrong with it, the issue might be that you’re viewing the video at a resolution that is too high for your phone or internet speed.

All you have to do to remedy this problem on Android devices is change the video settings.

  1. To do so, go to the video you’re attempting to view. Then click on the gear icon that comes on the screen after clicking on it.

2. When you’re in this option, choose 360p or 480p rather than HD for smooth playing. This should fix the YouTube problem 400 and enable you to continue watching your videos uninterrupted.

Because your phone can’t handle playing back these higher resolution movies owing to constraints in its hardware and software, YouTube will offer you this error notice if you’re viewing an HD or Ultra-HD quality video but only have access to standard definition videos. You will need to update your phone to resolve this issue.

3. Delete YouTube Data and Cache

If the issue persists after you’ve adjusted the video quality and verified that your internet connection is operating properly, consider emptying the YouTube cache and data on your phone.

This is how you do it:

youtube is not working

1. Go to “Settings” and choose “Apps.”

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the YouTube symbol, then click it.

3. In the upper right corner, click storage (if necessary) and then CLEAR CACHE.

4. Exit all programs and shut settings after the cache has been cleaned. Phone should be restarted.

That ought to enough! If you’re still having trouble with YouTube error 400 after attempting this solution, try the instructions below:

How to Fix YouTube Error 400 on a Computer or Laptop

If you continually seeing the error message “400 – Bad Request” while attempting to view YouTube videos on your laptop, there are a few things you may do to remedy the issue.

Restart your browser first.

If you get a YouTube error 400 on your laptop, one of the first things you should do is restart your browser.

When you restart your browser, it clears its memory, ensuring that no old data or residue from previously viewed YouTube sites remain. This can assist ensure that a browser cache isn’t blocking the YouTube video you’re attempting to watch.

After you’ve restarted your browser, return to the YouTube video that’s causing the problem and give it another go.

If the YouTube error 400 continues to appear on your computer, follow the procedures below.

2. Restart your computer as well as your router.

If YouTube error 400 appears on your computer after you’ve already reset the browser, the next step is to restart your computer and router.

This will guarantee that no background apps are interfering with YouTube’s internet connection, which might be the source of this error notice.

If it doesn’t work, keep reading to learn about other options.

3. Delete the cache and cookies in your browser

It’s possible that the YouTube problem 400 on PC is caused by a momentary browser issue. To remedy this, clear your web browser’s cache and cookies, then reload YouTube fully.

The procedure is totally dependent on the web browser you’re using. Here’s how to clear the cache in Google Chrome:

1. In the upper right corner, click the three stacked dots.

2. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Clear browsing data” from the Privacy section.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, go to the settings menu by clicking the three bars in the upper left corner of your screen. Select “History” and then “Clear recent history” from the menu that appears.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, go to the top right corner of your screen and click the three dot menu. After that, go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Clear browsing data…” under the Advanced tab.

1.If the YouTube issue 400 continues after you’ve tried this remedy, follow the instructions above to erase your cookies.

2. If the YouTube problem 400 continues after you’ve tried this remedy, restart your computer.

How to Fix Error 400 on YouTube on a Smart TV

If you continually seeing the error message “400 – Bad Request” while attempting to view YouTube videos on your smart TV, it’s likely that the issue is with your YouTube app.

download apps on samsung smart tv

To resolve YouTube error 400 on a smart TV, first update the YouTube app by following the instructions below:

1. On your smart TV, open the YouTube app and choose Menu (three lines) from the upper left corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down to “App Settings” and click it. If an update for YouTube is available, you should see a button to update YouTube. Follow the directions on the screen.

If the YouTube issue 400 remains after you’ve tried this remedy, consider deleting the cache and data in the YouTube app by following the instructions below:

1. Go back to the YouTube app menu (three lines in the upper left corner) and scroll down to “App Settings.”

2. Scroll down until you find “Clear YouTube Data,” then click it and follow the directions on the page.

If the problem 400 on YouTube continues, restart your smart TV as well. This may sometimes repair a stuttering YouTube app.

Hopefully, the methods listed above will assist you in resolving the YouTube problem. If you’re still experiencing an error on YouTube, check out our complete guide to YouTube Not Working, which contains some of the most effective solutions for resolving the most frequent YouTube issues with little effort.

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