Rockstar games, the developer of Grand Theft Auto 5, has been extremely silent on what actually happens during the end. A lot of people have been curious as to whether or not this is a part in GTA that you can control or if it’s just an ending sequence for a cut-scene. This article will break down all there is to know about the ending of Grand Theft Auto 5. Some people will be disappointed by how short it is, others might happy with what this game developer has done.

I’m really eager to get into GTA V considering all the hype surrounding this game. A lot of people are speculating that there’s going to be some sort of zombie apocalypse as a result of the Pegasus Event. In this case, your mission as an online character is to find a cure and save humanity.

How to switch characters in gta 5 xbox one

I’m not really that familiar with all the characters and what it is they do (besides whatever you want to make up for yourself). There’s a few theories as to what might happen during the end, but we won’t know until we play through the game. The only thing I’ve seen confirmed by other gamers is that Trevor dies at the end of GTA 5.

This is something everyone has been wondering about for the past year. The main theory around this is that Franklin tricks Michael and Trevor into killing each other, or at least trying to kill each other, so he can get the money. However, what ends up happening is you get a call from a mysterious character telling you about a helicopter on the roof of one of the buildings. You all go up there and get in with this person who takes you to the middle of nowhere where a shootout begins.

Some believe that the ending is a setup for GTA 6

It seems like Franklin dies at this point too which people think is because he knows that both Michael and Trevor are going to double-cross one another. If you choose not to go through with the mission, then both Michael and Trevor die because they don’t want to trust each other.

There’s also a big possibility that Franklin might be working for the government which would explain why he knew so much about what was going on. A user has suggested that Franklin is just paranoid because of everything he saw and did and that’s why he thinks everyone is out to get him.

Others think that it leaves too many questions unanswered

Whatever the case may be, this is great storytelling by Rockstar Games and I’m excited to see what happens next in the GTA world. There’s a lot of different theories on what will happen during GTA 6 but we won’t know until we play through this game.

Where is gta v ps4 release date?

I know everyone is wondering when the release date for GTA V is going to be. There’s been rumors of a summer 2015 release but Rockstar hasn’t announced anything yet. Hopefully we get a big update very soon because it’s getting pretty close to that time and I’m sure a lot of you want to play this game asap. This is easily one of the most anticipated games to release this year so I’m sure there are a lot of you trying to figure out what’s going on with GTA V.


I think the most likely scenario is that Franklin pulls a fast one on Michael and Trevor so he can get away with his life. I think this game will end on some sort of cliff-hanger because there’s no way Rockstar ends GTA 5 like this after making everyone wait for so long. In the meantime, players may continue to enjoy GTA Online with specially modded accounts while we wait for the next GTA.

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