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With rumors swirling around the release of the new iPads, there is a lot of speculation as to what this could mean for the future of the iPad. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just around the corner and this is believed to be when the new iPad models will be released.

Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has reported that there may be a new iPad Air, an entry-level iPad, and iPad Pro models, including a Mini LED display.

This article will explore what the new iPads may mean for the future of the iPad.

Overview of the New iPads

The latest iPad range released by Apple is a testament to the technological progress the company has made, with powerful new features that could represent a game-changing overhaul to how we use our tablets. Introduced in April this year, these iPads are starting to enter the market, and many people look forward to experiencing them.

At their core, these new iPads boast several improvements that make them attractive for casual users and professionals. Offering up to 2TB of storage for data and applications, combined with a ten-hour battery life—even when subjected to intensive use—the ability to capture 4K video footage at 60 frames per second with their rearfold camera system is also notable. Moreover, their processor power allows seamless application navigation without lag or stutters.

These advancements have pushed the iPad beyond something previously seen only in books and movies: an ultimate device capable of carrying out almost any task independently. But what does this mean for our individual or collective futures? Could these iPads meaningfully revolutionize how we interact with software tools? Let’s explore how they could revolutionize our lives in several meaningful ways.

Design and Features

Apple released their newest iPads to the public earlier this week, offering new sleek and modern designs in the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. The all-screen display of the iPad Air adds to the iPad Pro’s new design that was originally revealed earlier this year. In addition, each has their unique features that make them stand out and will change the tablet landscape.

Let’s dive into the design and features of the new iPads to see what they have to offer.

Physical Design

The new iPads mark a significant evolution in the physical design of the iPad line. The latest models are larger than previous iterations, with 12.9-inch and 11-inch screens, while their thickness has decreased to 7.04mm and 5.9mm respectively—making them easier to carry around. The thinner devices also offer a slightly new look that makes them look more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, Apple has incorporated an anti scratch anodized aluminum finish on its backdoor to improve the device’s durability for better protection against accidental scrapes or dents.

In terms of ports and connectors, the recent iPad Models come with four speakers, two microphones, one USB Type C port for charging and data transfer from other compatible peripherals such as external storage drives and a smart connector port which is used to attach Apple’s Scissor keyboard cases or other third party accessories like stands or docks.

The Smart Connector is located at the rear of the tablet. It can be used with manual configurations as required by applications such as photo scanning software solving any associated connectivity issues immediately. In addition both iPads have Bluetooth 5 technology making it easier to connect compatible wireless accessories such as mice or headphones without having to use multiple pairings or settings when utilizing those items while traveling remotely.

Display and Performance

The new iPad lineup stands out for its advanced technology and improved displays. For example, the iPad Air 4 features a 10.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and improve visibility. At the same time, the 11-inch iPad Pro boasts an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina XDR display with Pro Motion technology, offering up to 120Hz refresh rate, True Tone, and enhanced peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits.

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Apple has also packed the new iPads with its A14 Bionic chip offering powerful performance and graphics capabilities for everything from gaming to content creation. Additionally, the devices come with WiFi 6 and Gigabit Class LTE connectivity options so users can stay connected wherever they are. With support for USB4/Thunderbolt, you can connect directly to external storage devices for more storage options or use wired connections for faster speeds when transferring photos or other data files.

The Apple Pencil 2 is available on both models and provides a natural writing experience with low latency allowing you to jot down notes or draw whatever comes to mind quickly and accurately while keeping track of your strokes in real time as well as tilt recognition that provides an even better accuracy than before.

Camera and Connectivity

The new iPad Pro tablets include various camera and connectivity features that greatly improve over previous models. In addition, Apple has added their M1 chip to the latest iPad Pro line, creating an incredibly powerful device capable of handling some of the most demanding software applications imaginable. This includes an industry-leading 12 megapixel rear camera system with 4K video recording, plus a 7MP HD FaceTime Camera for online meetings.

Regarding connectivity, the new iPad Pro’s feature Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz) support and Bluetooth 5.0, allowing them to achieve faster data speeds when connected to compatible networks and devices. Additionally, both models come standard with Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) support, allowing users to draw or doodle on the Retina touchscreen display with incredible accuracy. Finally, Apple has also increased internal storage capacities on models up to 512GB – perfect for saving large projects or masters/finals versions of creative projects in one place.

Impact on the iPad Market

Apple has recently unveiled the latest version of the iPad, which is expected to bring major changes to the iPad market. Not only are they introducing a new design, they are also introducing new features and improvements to the iPad. This could have a major impact on the iPad market, both in the mobile device market and the laptop industry.

Let’s take a closer look and see what the new iPads mean for the future of the iPad.

Increased Competition

The release of the new iPad models and their upgraded features highlights how Apple products are becoming increasingly competitive in the tablet market. Currently, Apple leads the global tablet market with over 52% of tablets sold being iPads. It is no secret that Apple’s lineup of tablets fuels its dominance in the market. The iPad Pro line is full of powerful and capable machines, while the more budget-friendly options serve as great entry points into Apple’s laptops and desktop computers.

With their new models, Apple has positioned themselves to maintain a strong presence in the tablet market by targeting potential competitors such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. An increase in screen size and better processor capabilities mean that these new iPads will offer better performance than the competition for a similar price point–potentially allowing them to continue leading (or co-leading) in sales for future cycles. Additionally, greater availability for domestic and international customers may allow them to capture even more of the market share from competitors.

By launching higher performing tablets at competitive prices, Apple has positioned themselves as a serious player in not just the tablet industry but also that of laptop computers–which could help further strengthen their lead over their competitors. With these new models set to begin shipping this May, it remains to be seen if they can boost or maintain market share against Amazon’s Kindle Fire or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. It will be interesting to watch how these latest iPads impact iPad sales over coming years.

Improved Performance

The new iPads unveiled by Apple on March 18, 2020 have been met with enthusiastic consumer response. The iPad Air and the iPad Pro have improved performance capabilities, offering greater speed and graphics than previous generations. With both devices offering the A12 Bionic processor, the new iPads will impress anyone looking for a powerful tablet. Additionally, the iPad Pro has 2TBs of internal storage for optimal performance.

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The hardware enhancements are welcome news to consumers wanting to upgrade or purchase a new iPad in 2020. With its faster processor and improved battery life, the iPad Air will surely appeal to those who want an entry-level device that packs a punch while cost-efficient. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro will provide more power and storage than ever for professionals who need multiple tasks performed quickly and efficiently—whether that involves working on complex documents or editing 4K video.

These improvements will inevitably impact the future of Apple’s iPad line-up. The combination of performance upgrades, lower prices (for certain models), and longer battery life leaves users with plenty to be excited about when upgrading their tablets this year. In addition, the introduction of the new iPads should lead to greater innovation on Apple’s part going forward; it may also cause other competitors in the market (particularly Microsoft) to step up their game in terms of developing better tablets for consumers looking for something different from what Apple has offered thus far.

Increased Popularity

The introduction of the new iPad models has seen a surge in the popularity of iPads. Apple recently revamped its iPad branding, starting with their iPad Pro lineup launched earlier this year. The combination of improved specs and new features has opened up exciting possibilities for users looking to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. Additionally, the affordability factor has made iPads particularly attractive to those on a budget.

When launching the new iPads, Apple emphasized changes that focused on productivity and streaming capabilities. With features such as a Liquid Retina display with True Tone technology and an A12X Bionic Chip processor, Apple has showcased the power that can be harnessed within these devices while relaying comfort and convenience they offer through improved access via voice commands and more intuitive gestures.

This enthusiasm towards the iPad extends further with various third-party accessories such as Apple Pencils becoming more accurate and faster. The fact that you can use your device’s battery to power these accessories is another great bonus at no extra cost. This means that working remotely or creating digital artwork on-the-go will become even easier due to these advancements.

There is an increased number of consumers who are interested in buying an iPad or updating their existing model due to all of these recent developments, which serves as a testament to Apple’s ability to stay ahead of consumer demands by focusing heavily on innovation and developing top-notch products for market leaders such as themselves for them to remain competitive in an always advancing industry landscape.

mark gurman apple ipadsmayo9to5mac

The iPad has been a staple device in many households for years, with Apple continuously improving the device to give users the latest and greatest features available. So the news of a new lineup of iPads from Apple, reported by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, piqued people’s interest.

In this article, we will discuss what the new iPads could mean for the future of the iPad.

New and Improved Features

Apple’s recently released iPad lineup for 2020 brings many new and improved features that excite iPad users. From a larger display and improved processor performance to support for Siri, these new models represent the future of iPads.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro now boasts a Liquid Retina screen that offers wide color gamut, true tone, and ProMotion technology. A new A12Z Bionic Chip and increased memory capacity increase performance, making this iPad perfect for professional-grade tasks like video editing, music production, photo editing, and more. In addition, the new 8MP rear camera lets users capture great images while the TrueDepth camera offers Face ID facial recognition support for secure authentication.

The 11-inch model of the iPad Pro also utilizes the A12Z Bionic Chip and storage up to 1TB and 6GB of RAM. However, its battery life is noticeably longer than its larger counterpart—up to 10 hours compared to 9 hours on last year’s model. With support for Face ID, Apple Pencil (2nd generation), Magic Keyboard with Smart Connector (optional) keyboard accessory; this is one of the most powerful iPads available on the market today.

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The consumer-level iPads (iPad Air & 7th Generation iPad) offer similar experiences for customers seeking a powerful device at an affordable price point. The refreshed models feature a larger 10.2 inch Retina display with Apple Pencil (1st generation) compatibility, USB-C connectivity along with both Wi-Fi & Cellular models available as well as up to 128GB internal storage capacity promising smooth user experiences whatever you are doing – be it streaming movies or playing games on your Apple device!

Overall Apple has made sure their latest offerings have something in store for everyone –whether you’re looking for a new professional tool or just need something portable yet powerful at a reasonable cost – making sure no one has any reason not experience everything iPad has to offer in 2020!

More Affordable Prices

With new iPad models on the horizon, speculation is growing about the potential pricing of the models, and how this could shape Apple’s iPad lineup for years to come. According to tech journalist Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is looking to make its iPad lineup more affordable this year and entice new customers into the world of iOS.

The company appears to be considering reducing costs on some of its popular iPad features such as Face ID and removing other features such as a headphone jack or Touch ID to provide lower-cost devices. This would mean that future iPads would be priced accordingly, providing customers with more affordable iPads that deliver similar setup experience as higher-end models.

Furthermore, Gurman suggests that Apple is looking into expanding its already wide range of iPad sizes and designs to please a wider audience. As a result, we can expect additional smaller sized iPads to afford users a larger viewing experience while still providing a convenient portable device. Additionally, Apple may create devices dedicated towards productivity tasks like drawing and writing with the potential inclusion of newer accessories such as an updated version of the Apple Pencil from 2018 or possibly an updated version of MacOS for an even better user experience.

Ultimately, these adjustments could improve customer satisfaction and help expand the sales for Apple and their iPad line up long term, especially in unit shipments globally. Additionally, as pricing continues to become more competitive and new features continue to expand consumer options, we will likely see increased popularity when it comes time for consumers deciding what kind of device they should ultimately buy.

Increased Usability

The new iPad models will be designed to be more powerful, reliable, and efficient than their predecessors. They will offer increased processing power and better laptops for users to use the iPad’s growing capabilities. In addition, apple is ensuring its newest iPad models can handle tasks like video and photo editing, music creation, and 3D rendering.

A major focus of the new iPads will be usability. According to Apple analyst Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac, the company focuses on improving “on-screen interaction” and making it easier for users to switch between tasks quickly. This may mean users could have up to five or six active apps running simultaneously in a windowed arrangement or side-by-side layout. Additionally, the redesigned home screen interface should allow users more flexibility when reordering their app icons in whatever way they prefer.

Combined with a range of hardware changes—rumors persist of USB type C support—these updates promise an even better user experience than before. As a result, the near future looks exciting for fans eagerly awaiting the release of the new iPad models. This improved functionality will likely help make iPads an even stronger choice over standard laptops as they continue growing in popularity among consumers and business professionals.


The new iPad models released by Apple over the past few weeks offer impressive technology upgrades that show Apple’s continuing commitment to the iPad ecosystem. The new 2020 iPad Pro with its A12Z Bionic processor and Magic Keyboard accessory make it a powerful tool for professionals in many fields, while the refreshed standard iPad with its faster A10 Fusion chip will be a great choice for those who need an efficient, connected device without requiring the extra horsepower of the iPad Pro line.

Other improvements such as USB-C charging on all models and better displays across both families of iPads point to Apple’s dedication to keeping up with hardware trends while providing consumers with long-term support. Additionally, this current revolution of iPads serves as another indication that Apple is committed to providing devices that can tackle heavier tasks or serve as a primary computer much like a MacBook would have been used in the past.

The launch of these devices also marks what can be seen as part of a longer-term trend by Apple towards making larger hardware refreshes in each product segment yearly rather than biennially, which is generally seen in many of its other product offerings. Although the pace and extent of these refreshes may vary, they indicate to those who follow Apple closely that innovative products are still being pushed through and keep up with advancing technology trends.

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