This is the complete guide to opening Psi Operatives in XCOM 2.

If you’re a fan of XCOM 2, it’s easy to find yourself frustrated by the lack of variety in your squad. But if you know how to open Psi operatives with this guide from our XCOM 2 Wiki then that frustration will be gone for good!

The “xcom 2 psi operative console commands” is a guide that shows how to open Psi operatives in XCOM 2.

Psi-Operative – a unique class that use the power of mind in conjunction with conventional weaponry. Operative may help comrades or hurt foes by using protective and hostile Psi powers. Its open, on the other hand, simply will not operate — it takes a lot of procedures. Fortunately, it is not too difficult and may be completed at an early stage.

That’s what you’ll need to achieve in XCOM 2 to unlock the Psi-operatives.

As rapidly as possible, eliminate Sectoid.

  • It’s no longer Enemy Unknown’s cannon fodder. Because Sectoid can employ psionics, even a single Sectoid detachment is now a severe danger, particularly in the early phases. You will, on the other hand, be able to locate and kill the beast quickly after the game begins.
  • Return to the base and conduct a Sectoid autopsy in the laboratory. It will take some time, so do something else while you wait.
  • After that, start a new research line.

Investigate psionics and construct a Psi lab

  • Specify Dr. Tigani to investigate psionics – this will take a few days.
  • When you obtain the chance to create the lab, you’ll need 175 materials, 10 Elerium crystals, and 5 energy. Monthly, 55 supplies are provided. It will take 21 days to complete the project.

Psi operators should be trained.

  • Psi training should be assigned to a soldier. It is assured, and success is not contingent on one’s skill.

Time is the only thing that is necessary. It has the potential to lower the number of appointed engineers.

  • Psi-operative will be in your midst when you complete the course. He does not get the rank of combat commander, and he can only improve his talents in Psi-Lab.

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The “xcom 2 how to train psi operative” is a guide that will teach players how to open and train their Psi operatives in XCOM 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock a PSI operative?

A: You can unlock a PSI operative by completing the main story and also doing missions for them as you play through the game.

How do you get a PSI operative in XCOM 2?

A: You have to use a soldier with the XCOM 2 operative specialization.

What is a PSI operative in XCOM 2?

A: A PSI operative is an expert in the use of psionic abilities found within XCOM 2. They are able to see hidden enemies, scan for traps and even disrupt their foes with a mind blast.

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