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Online casino games growing rapidly with slots, poker, roulette most popular in 2024

The online casino industry has seen massive growth over the past decade. By 2024, the global online gambling market is projected to be worth over $127 billion. There are several factors fueling this growth – increased internet and smartphone penetration, advancement of technology, changing consumer behaviors and relaxation of regulations in many countries.

As the industry grows rapidly, some games have emerged as clear favorites among GreenCasino players. 

Let’s take a look at evolution of the top 10 most popular online casino games expected to boom by 2024:


Slots have always dominated every land-based casino globally, and it’s no different in online casinos. Online slots are projected to grow at a CAGR of over 13% until 2024. By then, the market is expected to be worth $79 billion in total.

What makes online slots so appealing to players is the sheer variety they offer. Modern video slots come packed with special features like free spins, bonus rounds, expanding wilds and much more. Popular slot themes range from blockbuster movies to famous musicians and everything in between. The convenience of playing from home on mobile also adds to the soaring popularity of online slots.


After going through a slight slump a few years back, online poker is rising again at a rapid pace. The global online poker market in 2024 is estimated to hit $7.5 billion.

Several factors are fueling this resurgence – poker live streaming celebrities promoting the game, return of major tournaments, legalization efforts in countries, innovation of poker variants and more. Games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud and more will continue leading the growth.


The classic game of roulette has found its home online. Although not as big as slots and poker, online roulette still enjoys immense popularity around the world. The market is projected to grow steadily at a CAGR of over 9% until 2024 when it’s expected to cross $3 billion.

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The growth is powered largely by live dealer roulette games that give players an authentic casino experience. European, American and French remain player favorites, while new variants also continue to emerge. Mobile compatibility and innovative side bets are other key trends in online roulette.


Another casino classic, blackjack too has a strong player base online valued at over $3 billion currently. Growth is likely to hover between 4-5% CAGR in coming years.

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Like roulette, live blackjack is immensely popular with players who enjoy the real casino feel. Leading software providers continue to innovate classic blackjack as well as introduce new variants to attract more players. Side bets and tournament-style blackjack games are some examples.


Although not as widely played in the West, baccarat enjoys immense popularity in Asian countries. The global online baccarat market in 2024 is predicted to exceed $4 billion. Much of this growth will come from Asia, especially China where the card game is a mainstream pastime.


Live dealer baccarat will continue leading the growth as players love the authentic experience it provides. To appeal to millennials, software companies are likely to experiment with modern baccarat variants as well in coming years.


Craps is a fast-paced and exciting dice game hugely popular in land casinos across America and Europe. The game is steadily gaining traction online as well with the market expected to cross $2 billion by 2024.

Players are drawn to craps online for its simple rules yet high stakes, fast gameplay and social atmosphere. Software providers are now challenged with innovating online craps to match the energy of the real casino version. Integration with live casinos can be one way to achieve this.


Keno is a lottery-style casino game with Chinese origins. Globally the game has a decent player base online valued at over $1.5 billion currently. Growth is likely to hover between 3-4% CAGR in coming years.

A major reason behind keno’s appeal is the lure of massive winnings from small bets due to the high odds it offers. Modern video keno games have also boosted popularity thanks to excellent graphics and smooth animation. Live draws integrated with RNG keno add further player trust.

Online Bingo

Beloved for its chatty, community atmosphere, online bingo has nurtured a thriving player base globally. The worldwide online bingo market is predicted to grow to around $1 billion by 2024.

What attracts players is the vibrant social experience and large linked jackpots unique to bingo games. Leading operators are combining these strengths with modern slots features to appeal to millennials. Experimentation with new bingo variants can also boost popularity further.

Scratch Cards

Scratch card games have become a staple at most online casinos thanks to their simplicity and potential for huge wins. Currently valued at over $800 million globally, further growth between 2-3% CAGR is expected until 2024.

To boost their appeal, software companies are innovating scratch card design and features. Themed graphics, bonus rounds, variable card prices and integration with other casino games are some visible trends. Tie-ups with popular entertainment franchises are also common.

Online Dice Games

Apart from craps, dice games like Sic Bo are also gaining decent traction at online casinos. Backed by rising demand from Asia, the global market can exceed $700 million by 2024.

Typically played in land casinos across Asia, modern live dealer Sic Bo is gaining fans globally. Software companies are also experimenting with dice slots and other innovative hybrids to attract casual players.


The online casino industry is entering a phase of rapid growth thanks to various socio-economic factors. Slots, poker and table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat clearly dominate based on current projections. However, other genres like dice games and bingo also have potential for steady growth in coming years.

Overall, innovation in gameplay formats like live casinos and tournament modes can hugely benefit player engagement across all game types. Tie-ups with hot entertainment franchises is another win-win trend. As technology and regulation continues to evolve in the industry’s favor, the future looks bright for online casinos and gaming companies.


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