Introduction to LuckyBird

In the dynamic landscape of social casinos, LuckyBird made a vibrant entrance in 2022, pledging to provide both “provably fair” gameplay and an exhilarating gaming experience. Going above and beyond, the platform distinguishes itself by introducing LuckyBird exclusives, setting it apart from other competitors.

Notably, LuckyBird stands out for its commitment to fairness and excitement, offering continuous opportunities to win substantial prizes through daily and hourly contests. Furthermore, players have the unique ability to replenish their accounts daily, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment even if the balance hits zero.

Crucially, LuckyBird’s adherence to the sweepstakes model contributes to its legal and secure status, providing players with a trustworthy and engaging platform.

The Sweepstakes Model

At LuckyBird sweepstakes casino, players can engage in two distinct modes of play: utilizing Gold Coins (GCs) or delving into the world of Sweepstakes Cash (SC). Gold Coins function as the complementary currency, designed primarily for the enjoyment of games in a risk-free manner.

It’s important to note that these coins hold no value for cryptocurrency payouts. While players can acquire Gold Coins through various channels such as the faucet feature, daily logins, and completing tasks, the option to bolster their GC balance through crypto purchases is also available.

Security Measures at

Launched in 2022, is a recent addition to the social casino scene, operating as a sweepstakes casino. Unlike traditional online casinos, doesn’t require specific licensing for legal operation in the US. However, despite this distinction, places a high priority on player safety and has implemented modern security measures and rigorous privacy policies.

These security measures are designed to ensure a secure and trustworthy gaming environment for users.

While operates under the sweepstakes model, which differs from conventional online casinos, its commitment to player safety remains a fundamental aspect of its platform. The implementation of up-to-date security protocols helps protect user data and ensures a reliable and secure gaming experience for all players.

Playing with Sweeps Cash

For those seeking a different side of play, LuckyBird provides the option to switch to playing with Sweepstakes Cash by clicking the designated icon at the top of the screen.

Although promotions may yield fewer SCs compared to Gold Coins, the Faucet feature remains a reliable source if your balance hits zero.

An intriguing aspect is that players can exchange their accumulated SCs for cryptocurrency payouts, with a minimum withdrawal requirement of 20 SCs. This flexibility adds an extra layer of excitement to the LuckyBird gaming experience.


Bonuses at

At, players are greeted with an ongoing welcome bonus that opens the door to limitless opportunities for winning cryptocurrency, including popular options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. This exclusive offer is available to all online players, featuring a faucet release every 3 to 4 minutes. Winners of each faucet offer can claim a crypto prize, contributing to the enhancement of their gaming funds.

In addition to the continuous welcome bonus, provides a no deposit bonus, offering newcomers 1,000 Gold Coins upon registration. As an extra boost, an additional 0.21 Sweepstakes Cash is credited to the account upon sign-up.

Loyalty Program

Upon becoming a member of LuckyBird Casino, players are automatically enrolled in the exclusive casino VIP program, starting at Level 0.

This program spans 15 levels, each introducing new rewards and benefits. Advancing through the levels unlocks various perks; for instance, at Level 1, players can enjoy a 5% rakeback, with the percentage increasing to 21% at Level 10.

Progressing through the VIP program is contingent on wagering Sweepstakes Cash, and the required spending details are clearly outlined on the site. The last five levels are invite-only, granting exclusive benefits accessible only to those fortunate enough to receive invitations.

Additional Promotions

Complementing the VIP program, LuckyBird Casino hosts hourly and daily contests for players utilizing Sweepstakes Cash. Participation in these competitions provides an opportunity to secure top positions and win Sweepstakes Cash prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

Payment Options at LuckyBird Casino

LuckyBird Casino operates exclusively with cryptocurrency transactions, allowing players to boost their Gold Coins by making crypto purchases.

With a focus on secure transactions, the casino ensures the safety of payment options through its onsite security measures. A secure crypto wallet is essential for seamless transactions within the platform.

In a departure from the traditional approach of offering separate purchases for Gold Coins (GC) and Sweepstakes Cash (SC), LuckyBird Casino combines them into a single purchase. The minimum amount available for purchase is 100 Gold Coins and 0.01 Sweepstakes Cash.

The purchase screen provides a user-friendly menu that displays the quantity of GCs and SCs players will receive based on their chosen deposit amount. This streamlined approach simplifies the transaction process for a more convenient user experience.


Redemption Process at LuckyBird Casino

Redeeming funds from LuckyBird Casino is a straightforward process that can be completed by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Redeem” button located at the top of the page on the LuckyBird Casino platform.
  2. Within the “Redeem” section, choose the cryptocurrency you prefer for the withdrawal and specify the transaction amount.
  3. Provide essential details, such as your cryptocurrency wallet address, to facilitate a valid withdrawal.
  4. Before initiating a redemption, it’s crucial to ensure that you have wagered all your Sweepstakes Cash at least once. The platform will indicate the redeem balance in your account, and a minimum of 20 SC must be withdrawn for the transaction to be valid.

While LuckyBird provides an estimated amount for your redemption, the actual cryptocurrency you receive will be determined by live trading rates at the time of your redemption request.

Notably, LuckyBird Casino does not require an extensive account verification process to claim your prizes, adding to the efficiency of the redemption experience.

Final Thoughts on

In conclusion, LuckyBird Casino proves to be a secure and reliable social casino, particularly welcoming players from various regions in the US.

The platform distinguishes itself with unique features, notably its exclusive collection of games. A standout offering is the daily Faucet feature, ensuring players with a zero balance receive a regular top-up, extending their gameplay.

While players seeking an extensive game selection might explore other options, is an appealing choice for those who appreciate a platform providing consistent daily and hourly opportunities to compete for prizes alongside fellow players.

The casino’s commitment to a secure and enjoyable gaming experience, combined with its distinct features, positions as a noteworthy player in the sweepstakes casino realm.

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