Computer technology is rapidly changing and the way you build your computer will change as well. Here’s a guide to building your own video editing machine with ease that’ll make it worth every penny.

The “4k video editing pc build 2021” is a guide that explains how to build a computer for video editing. It includes the basics of what you need, and what kind of parts you should use.

How To Build A Computer For Video Editing? [2021 Easy Guide]

All video editing and visual effects work need a powerful computer. The computer’s settings and compatibility should be flawless to prevent any problems. To accomplish the operation adequately, you’ll need to design a PC for video editing, particularly for editing reasons.

The majority of works in this subject need a hardware-intensive procedure in order to run effectively. In this post, we’ll go through how to create a computer that can handle all of your demanding tasks. Building your own computer is more relaxing than buying one off the shelf. Read on to learn more about the components needed to make a computer and how to use it.




The CPU is the most important component in the construction of a computer since it houses the primary processor. This influences how quickly you can do the assignments. There is a plethora of current editing tools available, including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and many more. Increased video resolution and more advantages need an investment in CPU.

What is the Best Way to Purchase a CPU?


Aside from the CPU, there is a video editing card that adds creativity to the video. Depending on the quality of video necessary, you may spend less on this component. Although it is not required to have a graphics card installed in your computer, contemporary video editing software uses accelerated hardware to render and encode movies.

Investing a considerable sum of money in graphics cards will provide more productive outcomes. AMD’s OpenCL now provides high-end performance for video editing applications that supports the technology. On the video editing machine, higher-end graphics cards are ideal for playing games.

What is the Best Graphic Card to Buy?

Storage & RAM

Another important component for video editing efficiency is RAM. For 1080p video quality, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM. Because video editing is such a process that necessitates computer performance, RAM should be prioritized. Invest according to your needs and comfort level. Data storage is another fascinating aspect of computer design.

Solid-state drives and hard drive disks are the two most common types. Both of these storage options are suitable for video editing, but solid-state drives are more dependable because to their superior design. When editing many clips, the performance is also better than hard drive disks. When the film is about 1080p, many segments are played at the same time, necessitating storage space. It is advised that the computer’s operating system be installed on at least a tiny SSD.

The video and other computer activities will be faster as a result of this technology. However, since certain SSDs are pricey, you may want to go for numerous hard disk drives that are more cost-effective.

How do you choose the best storage option?


The motherboard is made up of all of the above-mentioned components. This device should have a friendly socket that permits all other video editing components to function properly. When buying a motherboard, think about the acoustics and the amount of USB ports.

Make careful to read the reviews before purchasing to ensure that the sound system meets your audio quality requirements. If you want the highest possible audio quality, a sound card may assist you. Video editors need a large amount of storage since video material rapidly accumulates to terabytes.

After you’ve set up all of the necessary components, you’ll need a high-quality power supply to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the end. It is essential that you get advice from experts so that you may make the most use of power and keep your computer cool.

What is the Best Motherboard to Buy?


Adobe Premiere Pro is the latest version of the industry’s most popular video editing program. The installation is simple, yet it has a lot of functions. For visual effects and animations in videos, the program may be used alone or in conjunction with After Effects.

This professional program is used to create high-quality animated videos. Vegas Pro is a strong video editing program that is comparable to Adobe Pro but offers a plethora of plug-ins for specific tasks.

Many of the market’s rivals have created PCs for video editing. Some of them include:


This PC is capable of video editing at 1080p quality for both professionals and amateurs. This computer, which is powered by an Intel i5-11400F processor, is three times quicker than laptops. The machine is designed specifically for video editors who need a powerful CPU as well as high-quality films at a reasonable price.

The built-in RAM is 8GB DDR4, and it may be expanded later. It performs best when powered by a Corsair CMX 550W power supply. HDDs or SSDs may be put here if extra space is needed. Take advantage of it before it sells out.


  1. The Intel i5- 11400F processor is quite powerful.
  2. The machine is powered by an ASRock B560M PRO4/AC motherboard.
  3. A 1TB Intel SSD is available for storage.
  4. Windows 10 is the operating system.
  5. Corsair CXM 550W is the power supply used.

Bonus Video: $750 for a 4K Setup



This machine is designed for professional video editors who can work with videos with resolutions up to 4k.

With a moderately strong CPU, the budget is still acceptable. There is more RAM and SSD here, as well as 2TB of Intel storage space. The PC is designed specifically for editing high-quality films, with a Corsair CMX 550W power supply and AMD Ryzen 5 processor. Installation of HDDs and SSDs may be done on any of these kinds of PCs.


  1. AMD Ryzen 5 600X is the processor used.
  2. A 2TB Intel SSD is available for storage.
  3. Windows 10 is the operating system.
  4. Corsair CXM 550W is the power supply used.
  5. There has a 16GB DDR RAM installed.


This machine is set up in such a way that it takes less time to edit 4K quality footage.

With the newest edition Intel i5-12600K CPU, the worth of this professional build is fairly significant. With this CPU, the performance of other components improves as well, and the speed of the quality improves.


  1. The graphics card in question is a GTX 1660.
  2. Gigabyte Z690 UD is the motherboard.
  3. Dark Rock 4 serves as the CPU’s cooling technique.
  4. The primary operating system is Windows 10.
  5. The CPU is powered by an EVGA G+ 650W power supply.


The supercomputer is designed to edit films with resolutions exceeding 4k. The CPU is given enormous power, resulting in visibly high performance. Every task performed on this computer is higher and quicker at the same time. It has a 16-core AMD R9 5950X processor with multi-threaded capability.

The computer may not have enough room to add extra components, but the power supply is enormous. This computer is incredibly efficient and produces higher-quality films.


  1. RX 6600 XT is the graphics card used.
  2. A Sea Sonic Focus 750W power supply is included.
  3. Windows 10 is the operating system.
  4. There are two storage options: a 2TB Samsung SSD and a 10TB HDD.
  5. You’ll receive 64GB of standard RAM.


This machine is perfect for editing movies with a resolution of 6k or 8k. Using multiple CPUs will not help the task go quicker; instead, for multi-threaded speed, utilize the TR 3970X CPU, which has 64 threads. Every day, video editing software improves, allowing it to complete jobs at a faster pace.

You’ll get the greatest PC for video editing if you have a lot of RAM, all of the consumer graphics cards, and an air-cooling system.


  1. AMD Threadripper 3970X boosts the CPU’s performance.
  2. Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Pro is the motherboard.
  3. 512GB Samsung SSD, 2x 10TB HDDs, and 2TB Samsung SSD are the three storage options.
  4. Dark Rock Pro TR4 is used to create the air conditioning system.
  5. The sea sonic 1000W power supply is used.



The majority of video editing software relies on the strong CPU, with the GPU being used for accelerated settings such as rapid blur in/out and several blending styles. The video card may also be used to add effects to videos such as altering brightness and contrast, as well as color balance. Transitions are used to provide movement to animated videos.

It’s time to put everything together once you’ve done your homework and found all of the pieces at a reasonable price. The first thing you should do is check through the handbook that was provided to you and watch some training videos. Take your time while building a computer and don’t rush it. All of the pieces must be arranged in the proper order.

Select the sections that are relevant to your video editing requirements. Monitors and keyboards are also needed in addition to the fundamental components. In general, there are three stages, each of which is progressed in its own manner. The lowest tier is for video editors who are just getting started, while the intermediate tier has a CPU that is a little speedier. A professional-grade AMD GPU and RAM are also included.

The finest machine for video editing with an AMD CPU is in the final tier. When it comes to components, plans, and the ultimate choice, various computer builders have differing viewpoints. According to video editing needs, you may swap out vital pieces wherever they’re needed.


All of the constructions described above were chosen after thorough investigation and analysis. As a result, when a GPU powerhouse is not required, a strong video editing machine needs a comparable CPU. Buying a lot of RAM isn’t necessary at beginning, so go with the 16GB option. It’s sufficient for a number of projects. You may also add a solid-state drive (SSD) to make all other components run quicker. As a result, a great computer may be built using this variable component. For further information, seek the advice of a specialist.

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The “budget 4k video editing pc build 2020” is a guide that covers the basics of building a computer for video editing. It includes a list of components, their prices and how much they cost per hour to run.

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