The popularity of esports determines the variety of related events. Organizations support video games with the largest fan basis. Once the public demand is growing, this becomes the reason for bringing more events with large prize pools. If you are wondering about the best esports tournaments in the gaming world, free to read the further information.

Primary Esports Events

CS: GO Major Championships

Known as Majors, this series of events with a total winning potential of $2 million. One of the first championships has gained the largest audience that involves 2.5+ million of Counter-Strike enthusiasts.

With the growing popularity, event production is constantly improving. The same goes for the level of gameplay that enhanced at a rate that has never been observed. With a plethora of new teams heading the rankings, they’ll now require to turn their attention to Counter-strike 2 for the next Major 2024. But it shouldn’t be a problem considering the never going relevance of the game.

Fortnite World Cup

This esports competition is based on a relatively fresh game that has skyrocketed since 2019; it’s no surprise why Fortnite accounts are on the rise. It involves a series of matches based on which 200 players will be ranked on the leadership board. The event is split into two independent parts – solo and duo. The prize pool of $30 million is split between the first names on the leadership board.

The tournament takes place in an impressive arena in New York, which allows it to invite a large audience. The total audience, both online and offline, includes 2.3 million viewers. And this is one of those esports tournaments covered at for further financial benefits.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC)

Established by a serious gaming corporation, the tournament is considered to be one of the most reputable events in the industry. The mobile format makes it accessible to a broad audience. Those who have Android and iOS devices can become part of the gaming adventure and fight for the prize pool of $4 million.


The tournament is currently taking 5th place in the rating of the most popular esports tournaments of all time. Its viewership has surpassed 3.5 million. The Championship will be broadcast on the official PUBG Mobile channels on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Call of Duty League

A professional esports league for video games doesn’t have a standing as high as the closest opponents. Nevertheless, it demonstrates a stable performance with 200K-300K viewers and a prize pool of $2 million. Of course, the event managers have bigger plans to implement.

Since 2020, the league added 12 teams to the competition list. This is not the limit as one might assume. The number of teams will be increased along with the progressing public demand. So far, the league demonstrate a regular increase in all the primary criteria.

Free Fire World Series

The professional championship has recently become incredibly popular in the gambling community. With a maximum reward of $2 million, the game has already developed a solid audience since 2021.


The top battle royale games have enough viewers to work for. Looking for weapons, armor, and med kits happens to be a fun adventure where the last team to survive ends up as the leader.

Valorant Champions Tour

The series operates a series of events, each of which covers different aspects. Since 2020, it has been trying to reach the level of Fortnite and other market leaders. Their attempts haven’t been successful so far. Nevertheless, the tournament demonstrates the constant progress which seems to be of a long-term nature.

Esports Tournaments – Are They Still a Real Thing?

Esports events fill the stadium with ease, especially when it comes to popular tournaments. The viewership and prize pool records are broken here and there all the time. So the trend will remain positive in the near future.

Earning money through gaming activities becomes more and more attainable as esports tournaments become available in different formats, online and offline, and desktop and mobile. Do you feel like being part of the esports gaming community? You are very welcome to join. This is a field where the chances are equal for everyone.

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