Mystic Artes are powerful combinations of artes that characters can perform in battle under specific conditions.Artes (アーツ, Ātsu?) are special techniques that characters use in Tales games. They come in many different forms and serve a variety of purposes, from attacking enemies to healing allies. Mystic Artes (秘奥義, Hi Ougi?, “Secret Artes”) are a special type of arte that is usually much more powerful than other artes.

Tales of Zestiria How to Use Mystic Artes

Mystic Artes can only be used under specific conditions. For example, in Tales of Zestiria, the player must fill a meter called the “Armatization Gauge” in order to use a Mystic Arte. This gauge is filled by attacking enemies and taking damage. Once the gauge is full, the character can enter “Armatization Mode” and use their Mystic Arte.

Mystic Artes are often very powerful and can easily turn the tide of battle. However, they usually have long animation times and are therefore vulnerable to enemy attacks. It is important to carefully choose when to use a Mystic Arte in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Tales of Zestiria is not the only Tales game to feature Mystic Artes. They have appeared in many other Tales games, such as Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia. Each game has its own unique take on Mystic Artes, so be sure to check out the various games in the series to see how they differ.

When is it Best to Use a Mystic Arte in Battle

Mystic Artes are best used when the player is sure they can land a hit on the enemy. This is because Mystic Artes have long animation times, which leaves the character vulnerable to enemy attacks. It is important to carefully consider when to use a Mystic Arte in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Some players like to use Mystic Artes as a way to finish off an enemy. This can be effective if the player is confident they can land the Mystic Arte before the enemy has a chance to counterattack. Other players prefer to use Mystic Artes earlier in the battle in order to deal significant damage to the enemy and gain an advantage. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide when to use their Mystic Arte based on the situation.

Which Mystic Artes are the Most Powerful and Useful

The most powerful and useful Mystic Artes vary depending on the game and the character. In general, however, Mystic Artes that deal a large amount of damage or have a wide area of effect are typically considered to be the most powerful and useful.

Some of the most popular and well-known Mystic Artes include:

  • Tales of Symphonia: Overlord
  • Tales of Vesperia: Final Blast
  • Tales of Zestiria: Seraphym Strike

These are just a few examples of powerful and useful Mystic Artes. Each game in the Tales series features its own unique set of Mystic Artes, so be sure to explore all the different games to find the ones that best suit your playstyle.

How to Unlock More Mystic Artes for Your Characters

Some Mystic Artes can be unlocked through normal gameplay by meeting certain conditions. For example, in Tales of Zestiria, the player must complete specific side quests in order to unlock new Mystic Artes for their characters.

Other Mystic Artes can be unlocked by using special items called “Mystic Arte Keys”. These keys can be found in various places, such as treasure chests or as rewards for completing quests. Once a key is obtained, it can be used to unlock any Mystic Arte that the character has not yet learned.

There are also some Mystic Artes that can only be unlocked by clearing the game on certain difficulty levels. For example, in Tales of Vesperia, the player must clear the game on “Expert” difficulty in order to unlock certain Mystic Artes.